Middle Of Nowhere Movie 2008

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Middle of Nowhere (2008) Bold Films. Middle of nowhere movie 2008. Ganre: Drama / Comedy. Director:Michelle Morgan. Actors: Anton Yelchin,Susan Sarandon,Eva Amurri,Jeannetta Arnette,Hugo Perez,Jessica Heap,Jaci LeJeune,Yalonda Lisa Reeves,Andrea Frankle,Justin Chatwin,Brea Grant,Willa Holland,Dawna Williams,Michael Wozniak,Aimee Spring Fortier,William Haze,Kyle Russell Clements,Scott A. Martin,Veronica Berry,Kenny Bordes,Karen Bramen,Marie Debrey,Melissa S. Harris,Anny Ibarra,Kennon Kepper,Jerry Leggio,Sharon K. London,Randy Maggiore,Allison Moss,Jacqueline Novak,Keith Pratt,Neal Rivet,Cassidy Smith,Lindsay Soileau,Daryl Walters,B. Martin Williams,Allen Boudreaux,Daurice Cummings,Sharon London,