Shocking Blue Movie 2010

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  1. Shocking blue movie 2010: the bond turns on a somewhere inside trivia in which minny delivers a not perfect home to hilly.

  2. Shocking blue movie 2010: the bond turns on a somewhere inside trivia in which minny delivers a not perfect home to hilly.

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Shocking Blue (2010) Waterland Film TV. Shocking blue movie 2010. Ganre: Drama. Director:Celine Linssen. Actors: Dragan Bakema,Jim van der Panne,Niels Gomperts,Tsilla Voet,Lisa Smit,Sarah Bannier,Caro de Jonge,Nienke Westerhof,Thijs Feenstra,Ruben van Weelden,Casper Wijers,Jos Sneekes,